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Overview - RCT Logic, LLC ("RCT Logic")

RCT Logic's mission is to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost and risk of developing new medical therapies by providing patented, highly efficient designs for conducting clinical trials.

RCT Logic's flagship product is the Sequential Parallel Comparison Design (“SPCD”), a clinical trial design paradigm proposed by Dr. Maurizio Fava and Dr. David Schoenfeld of Massachusetts General Hospital (“MGH”) in 2003.  SPCD is a cost-efficient design that can increase signal detection by:

   (a) utilizing at least two stages of treatment
   (b) using results data twice from subjects who are placebo non-responders
   (c) reducing placebo response

Use of SPCD can (and has, in completed trials) provide a large reduction in p-value.   This benefit is especially attainable when placebo response is material.  However, it can be achieved even when placebo response is low.

Stated another way: Over a wide range of treatment responses, use of SPCD can provide a large increase in power, or allow a 20% - 50% reduction of “n” with no reduction of “power”. 

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MGH owns several patents related to SPCD.  RCT Logic, which is MGH’s exclusive licensee, offers licenses under the issued patents to those who wish to conduct a clinical trial.

The price of a license to use SPCD in a clinical trial is modest, and is based on the size of the trial. The license does not involve any royalties or other payments related to the sales or development milestones of the drug or other therapy being studied.

For non-profit organizations wishing to conduct trials with NIH funding or other non-corporate funding, RCT Logic offers a significant license fee reduction.

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for Pivotal Program"

21 SPCD Trials with Corporate, NIH and Non-Profit funding

Case Study: P-value reduction achieved

License Fee Reduction for non-profit organizations

SPCD particularly suitable for: 

  • pivotal trials with expected high placebo response
  • proof-of-concept trials
  • trials conducted under post marketing commitments
  • trials in pediatric and adolescent populations
  • orphan disease trials

Complimentary Power Calculator

Learn how the Sequential Parallel Comparision Design ("SPCD") can help you save money and time, and reduce risk by increasing "power".